BIM WORKFLOW WEEK is an online event organized by GRAITEC for structural engineers and detailers. Nowadays, you can streamline your BIM workflows using Graitec and Autodesk technologies together. Bridge the gap between all stakeholders and discover how you can develop and improve your construction projects in a digital thread!


Each day we will run a webinar to show how easy it is to streamline your daily work! We show how to apply a complete BIM workflow from design to detailing on all your projects during the webinars! Don’t wait and register today!



Mar. 15

2:00 pm CET

Duration: 30 mins

CREATE your BIM models with Revit and SIMULATE them with Advance Design

Are you a structural engineering company doing construction projects with Revit® from Autodesk in a BIM environment? In this webinar, we will propose you a way to streamline your projects, starting to CREATE BIM data in Revit, exporting it to Advance Design to SIMULATE your building and synchronize back in Revit all changes. Discover how easy it is to link Autodesk Revit and Graitec Advance design to simulate and optimize your steel an concrete projects.

Joseph Pais_bn

Joseph Pais

Simulation Product Director
Graitec Innovation



Mar. 16

2:00 pm CET

Duration: 30 mins

Enrich your 3D BIM Revit model with analytical data and results using Advance Design

In this webinar, we will go deeper in the integration between Autodesk Revit and Advance Design: exchanging and synchronizing geometrical data is a good point but is not enough to enable a real BIM structural workflow. During this session, you will discover how to enrich your Revit model with finite element results and theoretical reinforcement values using Advance Design with an effective synchronisation mechanism controlled by the user!


Petr Lanik

Procuct Manager
Graitec Czech



Mar. 17

2:00 pm CET

Duration: 30 mins

Apply an effective BIM workflow for all your rebar projects in Revit!

In this BIM era, it’s time for you to manage your rebar projects with 3D models using Autodesk Revit®! Join us to this webinar and discover how you can use the Autodesk platform and Advance Design together to produce 3D Design-driven rebar cages for Beams-Columns-Footings-Slabs-Walls & Shear Walls, automate the drawing views creation with all tags and annotations, produce final drawings and manage in real time all your rebar projects!


Stevens Chemise

BIM Industry Manager
Graitec France



Mar. 18

2:00 pm CET

Duration: 30 mins

Steel Connections design reinvented for Advance Steel users!

If you’re a structural engineer or a steel detailer using Advance Steel and want to save time, cost and reduce your carbon footprint, Graitec now offers a solution to complement and optimise your current workflow. To facilitate analysing these complex 3D steel connections, Advance Steel joints can now be exported to Graitec Advance Design Connection!


Michał Nowicki

Local Product Manager
Graitec Polska



Mar. 19

2:00 pm CET

Duration: 30 mins

Apply a complete BIM workflow from design to detailing on all your Steel Projects!

In this webinar, we will go through a complete BIM workflow from design to detailing using Autodesk Advance Steel and Graitec Advance Design together. You will discover how easy it is to design and optimize a steel structure with Graitec Advance Design, including steel joints. Then, we will end by exporting the model to Advance steel to create drawings, BOM lists and CNC files for the fabrication.


Adriana Gherlan

Senior Product Specialist
Graitec France

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