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We believe that transfer of knowledge and continuous improvement of skills are crucial factors that need to be continuously developed.
That is why we have prepared for you an Advance Design Week – a series of webinars dedicated to the technical aspects of Advance Design software and more. During the Advance Design Week we will focus very strongly on aspects related to the BIM Workflow.

Advance Design is a mature and easy to use FEM Structural Analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment. It fully designs any type of structure, with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members. It also includes major code standards!
Advance Design provides an outstanding BIM experience as well! It enables intelligent model-based workflows for engineers and construction professionals. Moreover, the software acts as a BIM platform and guarantees the continuity of geometric and analytical data through model transfers, all along the design cycle.

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Oct. 19

2:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

Boost your steel projects with the integration between Autodesk Advance Steel and Advance Design

Are you a steel structural engineer or detailer? In this webinar, discover how you can benefit from the integration between Autodesk Advance Steel and Advance Design to boost all you steel projects. Export from Advance Steel the 3D model, import in Advance Design, discover effective tools to adjust the model (auto extend, project on planes, auto-align) and get it calculated, optimize you steel structures according to Eurocodes or North American codes and synchronize back in Autodesk Advance Steel all changes. Join us for a BIM journey from design to detailing!


Adriana Gherlan

Senior Product Specialist
Graitec France



Oct. 20

2:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

Best in class integration between Autodesk Revit® and Advance Design

Are you doing construction projects with Revit®? In this webinar, we will go through a BIM workflow dedicated to structural engineers: you will discover how easy it is to link Autodesk Revit and Graitec Advance Design to design and optimize your steel and concrete projects. Import the Autodesk Revit model into Graitec Advance Design, design and optimize your concrete and steel members, produce all needed technical documentation according to Eurocodes or North American codes and synchronize back in Autodesk Revit all changes. Join us to discover this effective workflow.


Alessandro Bordin

Local Product Manager
Graitec Italy




2:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

Easiest way to store analytical data and results in Autodesk Revit with Advance Design

In this webinar, we will go deeper in the integration between Autodesk Revit and Advance Design: exchanging and synchronizing geometrical data is a good point but is not enough to enable a real BIM structural workflow. During this session, you will discover how to store finite element results and theoretical reinforcement values in Autodesk Revit using Advance Design and the structural analysis toolkit from Autodesk. Exporting the analytical geometrical model from Autodesk Revit to Advance Design, creating all loads in Advance Design with advanced wizards (seismic loads, climatic loads, auto combinations), running a concrete design and importing back all this numerical data into Revit, those are the steps to ensure a complete structural workflow!


Petr Lanik

Procuct Manager
Graitec Czech



Oct. 22

2:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

Apply an effective BIM workflow on all your rebar projects

Do you want to manage your rebar projects with Autodesk Revit®? Join us to this webinar and discover how you can use the Autodesk platform and Advance Design together to produce 3D Design-driven rebar cages. We will start from a model in Revit, export it to Advance Design and design in details RC members, such as beams, columns, footings, shear walls, slabs to get automatically 3D rebar cages within the same application. We will see then how to export those 3D rebar cages to Autodesk Revit® in order to produce the final reinforcement drawings.


Stevens Chemise

BIM Industry Manager
Graitec France



Oct. 23

2:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins


You will discover in this webinar why you should move forward with BIM workflows using Advance Design on your daily structural projects. What will be your benefits? How you will be able to safe time and better, faster manage your projects with less errors. Join me to challenge together this game change of the entire construction industry.

Joseph Pais_bn

Joseph Pais

Simulation Product Director
Graitec Innovation

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