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Staying at home in this challenging times is not the best, but it can be a good opportunity to go deep on technical areas regarding your business and maximize your investment.
Graitec has created 5 free short webinars; 30 mins to show how our FEM Analysis software Advance Design can solve both common and atypical issues with unique features for structural and civil engineers.



April 6

4:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

How to design and detail concrete members in Advance Design


In this webinar, discover how you can design and detail concrete members in Advance Design: RC beams, RC columns, RC footings, RC bearing walls and shear walls can be designed according to International Design codes, in just a few clicks. Set the design and reinforcement assumptions and get accurate results (including detailed calculation reports with references to sections and formulas from Eurocodes) as well as automatic drawings whithin the same application. Boost all your reinforced concrete projects with Advance Design!

Sara Herrera_bn

Sara Herrera

Application Specialist – Structures
Graitec UK



April 7

4:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

Dynamic analysis with Advance Design


The latest version of Advance Design 2020 includes two new features for dynamic analysis: the Ritz method to calculate the eigen modes in a much faster way, with the ability of automatically ignoring local modes for the global analysis. Discover also the possibility to predict building behavior on a given location based on ground motion intensities and study the mechanical response to a user-defined earthquake event!

Farshad Pourshargh_bn

Farshad Pourshargh

Local Product Manager
Graitec Canada & US



April 8

4:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

Steel Design capabilities with Advance Design 


Advance Design has a myriad of advanced features for your steel projects: a unique 3D climatic generator, specific finite elements with seven degrees of freedom to run Lateral Torsional Buckling checks on all section shapes, visualisation of lateral restraints, optimisation of the entire structure according to predefined criteria. Join this webinar to discover how to manage your steel project with Advance Design!

Thibaut FRETTE_bn

Thibaut Frette

Senior Product Specialist
Graitec France



April 9

4:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

RC Slabs and Ribs design in Advance Design


Advance Design includes unique functionalities to design Reinforced Concrete Slabs using finite elements results: calculate the cracked inertias, handle crack width and deflection checks according to real reinforcement values inside the element. Also with the specific “Ribs” objects, Advance Design allows you to automatically integrate part of the slabs internal forces when designing the T section beams!

Kamil Dziedzic_bn

Kamil Dziedzic

Structural Analysis Expert
Graitec Poland



April 10

4:00 pm CET

Duration : 30 mins

Sneak Peak on Advance Design 2021


GRAITEC provides a major release of its software every year delivered to thousands of customers under maintenance or subscription. Take this unique opportunity to discover what is coming in Advance Design 2021, which will be released in May this year. Discover new features to enhance all your construction projects within a BIM environment, using advanced structural analysis capabilities!

Joseph Pais_bn

Joseph Pais

Simulation Product Director
Graitec Innovation

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